Synergy Systems offers a myriad of services to our Educational Clients. Our extensive experience in all aspects of technical systems in schools makes us a perfect one-stop-shop for all of your systems maintenance tasks. We also have staff who are available as in-house technicians at your location!

​Please see the full list of our services below!

1. Security Cameras and DVR’s and all related equipment (Certified Honeywell Contractor)
2. Security surveillance reviews and coordination with local police departments
3. Code Red Lockdown Systems – Installation, maintenance and monitoring
4. Intercom and PA Systems – System installation and maintenance
5. Theatrical Venue Operations – Events and Presentations
6. Theatrical Sound Systems – Design, construction, operations and maintenance
7. Theatrical Lighting Systems – Design, construction, operations and maintenance
8. Stage – Rigging and Electrics, fly systems maintenance
9. Educational Multimedia Systems – A.D.A. Compliance in classrooms
10. Theatrical and Architectural L.E.D. Lighting Conversion (Chauvet authorized contractor)
11. Stage Dimmer Installation, Programming and Repair
12. Smart Boards and LCD Projectors
13. A/V Repairs – Cleaning and Maintenance
14. Access Control – Readers, cards, panels, database, software and systems
15. Projection Screens – Installation, replacement and safety inspections
16. Mounted TV’s and Equipment – Installation, Safety inspections and maintenance
17. Walkie Talkies – Repeaters and Radio Paging systems, Programming (Motorola)
18. T.V. Studio and Broadcast Booths – Design, Installation and Instruction
19. Certified Asbestos Abatement – as needed to perform installation tasks
20. Master Time Clocks and period tone – Installation, Programming and maintenance
21. Visitor Entry Systems – ID scanning and badge printing.
22. Security Command Center – System readiness and monitoring.
23. Campus–wide theatrical events and presentation setup and operations
24. Scoreboards – Installation, Maintenance, Lamps, LED’s and Controllers
25. Main Lobby Visitor Passage Systems
26. Fiber Optic Termination and Installation
27. Refrigeration and Server Room Temperature Monitoring
28. Weather Station Installation and maintenance
29. Stage Crew Advisor – Lighting, Sound and Staging technique instruction
30. Barcoding Equipment and Maintaining Inventory Databases
31. Work Order Systems and Help Desk Operations
32. Managing District Spaces as Billable Venues, creating revenue
33. Graduation Services – Sound, Recording, Class Video Projection, DVD Duplication.

Full Educational Services List

Educational Client Services

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